Hi, I’m Sarah. I’m a North Carolina girl who’s been living in Scotland since 2008.  I’ve been dealing with depression and weight issues for most of my life and since 2013 I’ve made some changes especially in how I eat and take care of myself. Now have much more control over my health, both mental and physical.

These are the closest I have to “before pictures” from 2012 – I’m smiling in the pictures but it was a hard time and I was not feeling well or very much like myself.


The picture on the left was taken in July 2012 at a dear friend’s post-elopement party. At the time that picture was taken I weighed about 177 lbs (80.3 kg, 12 stone 9 lbs).

The picture on the right was taken on Christmas day 2012 with my adorable wee nephew. I don’t know how much I weighed then, but the measurement I have from when I got back to Scotland less than a week later was 190 lbs (86.2 kg, 13 stone 8 lbs).

I got to the high 190s by March 2013 and hovered right around there until the beginning of April. I’ll be honest, I’m pretty sure I got on the scale one day and saw 199lbs, but I jumped off so fast I can’t be sure. After things started to change, the highest recorded weight I have was 197 lbs (89.4 kg, 14 stone 1 lb), so I consider that my starting weight for this health project.

Since then I’ve lost 60 lbs (27.3kg, 4 stone 4 lbs). In the first year I lost 46 lbs and lost 11 more pounds by the end of the second year.

I’ve also been pretty terrible about “after” pictures, though I can’t exactly say I feel like I’m at the “after” point. It’s still an ongoing process. I’ve changed my diet and lifestyle in a lot of ways and made massive progress, but there’s plenty of room for improvement still.


That’s the same picture from December 2012 (190 lbs) and one from October 2014 when I weight 140 lbs (63.5 kg, 10 stone).

Over the course of the last few years I’ve also come off several medications and am improving my life in a variety of other ways as well.

There’s been a lot of trial and error and I’m still on the path, but along with the weight loss, I’m happier, more energetic, feel healthier, and I’m pretty sure I stand taller. Not only that, but I’ve changed my relationship with my depression and while I can’t say it’s completely gone, it no longer has the hold on my life that it once did.

I’m excited to share what I’m learning about food and health that have changed my life and I hope I’ll be able to help others along the way.

I also have a Master’s degree in Counselling and am a registered member of the BACP.


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